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Turk Plast Water Tanks

The high-quality products of TURK PLAST such as PPR-C Pipes & PPR-C Fittings, U-PVC Pipes & U-PVC Fittings, ELECTRICAL Pipes & ELECTRICAL Fittings along with TURK PLAST Water Tanks are being greatly appreciated in Pakistan.

In Pakistan TURK PLAST WATER TANKS are prepared with high quality polyethylene granules, which are dually approved by American Food and Drug Administration (FAD). Due to its high quality, European Union (EU) has also approved it. This material is also approved by the Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR).

Water Tank Plus

The special fiber i.e. LLDPE is prepared in such a way that the product can easily resist fungus and bacteria, which is usually found in water tanks. These tanks are rust resistant as well as leak proof. These Tanks are manufactured without single joint. TURK PLAST WATER TANKS are available in sizes from 100 Gallons to 1500 Gallons & 300 liters to 2000 Liters.

Water Tank - Classic


Following are the salient features of Water Tanks – Manufactured by Turk Plast, Alif Industry.

1) Food Grade Material

Turk Plast, Ali Industry manufacture all the water tanks with 100% virgin imported food grade material.

2) Large Variety

Water Tanks are available in different sizes, Like

100 Gallon Water Tank
150 Gallon Water Tank
200 Gallon Water Tank
300 Gallon Water Tank
400 Gallon Water Tank
500 Gallon Water Tank
1000 Gallon Water Tank
1500 Gallon Water Tank

Moreover Plastic Vertical Water Tanks are also available in liters, Like

300 litre Water Tank
500 litre Water Tank
750 litre Water Tank
1000 litre Water Tank
1200 litre Water Tank
1500 litre Water Tank
2000 litre Water Tank

Turk Plast, Alif Industry is specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of Plastic Vertical Water Tanks that are made by utilizing food grade material obtained from certified vendors. Hygiene, heat resistance, light weighted, durable, and easy installations are the features that make the range unique.

3) Standard In Size & Weight

Turk Plast Water Tanks are according to the international standard with respect to weight and size. All Tanks can be shifted from one place to another easily.

4) Strong And Durable

The material used in Water Tanks is high quality and standards. These Tanks have brass nozzles of fine quality which prevents tanks from damage.

5) East To Install

Because of being a one piece, lightweight, Standard in size, These water tanks can be installed easily.

6) Hygienic

Because of its 100% pure imported grade material the water tanks are safe and fully hygienic.

7) Warrantee

All Tanks comes with Up to 10 years full warranty. Please follow the instructions mentioned on guarantee card.

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